How Do You Measure The Productivity Of Unpredictable Work?

How do you measure productivity when the scope or type of work changes all the time? Widgets per hour isn’t the answer.

Imagine there’s a team in a diagnostics company, and they perform a range of clinical tests for their clients. The tests might be infectious diseases or allergies, for example.

The nature of the work changes all the time. They don’t know what tests customers are going to order. They don’t know how long or complex each test will be. But they’re interested in measuring their productivity.

It’s not as simple though, to count the number of tests completed per day. Some days it will be high, when more of the tests are simple. Other days it will be low, when more of the tests are complex.

We have to reframe what we mean by productive.

Productive is a weasel word. It means different things to people, and of course it means different things in different contexts or situations. We need to de-weasel it.

In its theoretical definition, productivity is the amount of output relative to the amount of input to produce that output. And we’ll need to explore what the output and input is for our situation.

For the clinical tests team, the output is a test report. The most obvious input is the team’s time. Because the team’s outputs (tests) correctly require various amounts of input (their time) because of their varying complexity, the classic productivity definition doesn’t work. We don’t know how much of the variability in the measure is due to wasted time or necessary time. Wasted time is the clue.

What if we explored the opposite of productive?

What about if the way people work is not productive, irrespective of what they are doing or working on? Different forms of waste is really what makes something unproductive, like these:

  • rework
  • work that wasn’t needed
  • waiting time when nothing is happening

What a performance result means to us, in our unique situation, must be clear before we try to measure it. There is no meaningful performance measure without there first being a meaningful performance result.

So the team could instead measure “unproductivity”.

So instead of trying to measure the amount of productive time, they could measure the amount of wasted time each week. They could set up a simple way to capture – perhaps even in their diaries – the hours of their own time that was wasted.

This could focus them on redesigning or tweaking their testing processes to find ways to reduce it. But only if the intention stays clean – and we don’t let even a skerrick of blame or judgment creep in.

Measurer, beware.

The temptation will be to measure productivity of individuals in the team as well. Don’t give in to that temptation!

What do you think it’s going to encourage? Competition, perhaps. Defensiveness, almost certainly. Anxiety, quite likely. If we want to improve something, we instead need collaboration, honesty, and engagement.

Any measure of a team should be a measure owned by the team. Not by the managers. It should be a tool in their hand, to help them improve the process they work in. It should never be a rod for their backs, to help managers “performance manage” people.

What managers should be interested in is how the team’s improved productivity influences higher-order goals that the manager owns. Higher-order goals like on-time delivery to customers, customer satisfaction, and profitability. It helps to draw a map, so it’s easier to put attention on what we really want, which is improving the system as a whole.

There is no meaningful KPI without there first being a meaningful goal.


Do you have a classic goal or result like productivity, that you’ve found just doesn’t fit your situation, but you still want to measure it meaningfully?

Today’s Rust Products Save Money and Time

Rust is the most common problem we face in your day to day life. We often clean this rust but they reappear again. Sometimes cleaning the rust become very tough and time consuming.

But if you take care of it from early days then rust become the easier stains to get out with.

To take care of the rust some rust products are there like good rust spotter, white spotting towels. You can avail these products from any rust product distributors. Please remember to use the gloves while cleaning with these chemicals. Most of the rust spotters are good and they come in get form. Thus it prevent from getting sinking into the carpet as it sits on the spot where you need it.

To clean the rust from the metal you should directly use these products on the rusted area. Leave it there for some time and then remove it with the spotting towel. Repeat this process until all the rust is removed. Finally clean it by through rinsing. It is a very simple process.

Now some rust product comes in powder format. You have to make it a paste of it and apply it in the rust affected area. Keep it there for sometime. You will see that rust got totally dissolved. Then rinse of the affected part carefully. The acidic substance part should be neutralized properly to avoid further damage. The instruction given on the product will clarify the doubt more.

Rust removers contain the harsh chemicals. Chemical that is used in the rust removal products is oxalic acid. It is a very strong chemical compound. Researchers say that it is about 10000times stronger than acetic acid. So you can imagine how powerful it is.

So always read the warning before using it. Be careful about your safety. These products contain so strong chemicals that they are produce scratches on glass, marbles, etc. So please keep it away from these types of materials.

Before use to rust removal products take lot of time. But the introduction of the non-toxic, latex-based products will remove the rust in few minutes. They will also save your time and money. These can be use over the color in the metal to neutralize the rust and prime the entire surface. Leave it for 20 to 30 min. It will dry up by that time. Then after 24 hours use a good paint and paint the coated part. It will give a new look to the metal surface. If the color is maintain and there is no crack in the color then you don’t have to deal with rust again. You can easily sit back and enjoy.

Use of paint mitt (you will get this in any paint store) is the best way to apply these products on any metal surface. This is definitely a faster process than using a paint brush. Cleaning of paint mitt is also easy as you just have to use soap and water to clean it for reuse.

So we can see those rust products are very helpful in preventing rust. Today’s rust products definitely save time and money.

Making Money By Selling Products Online


You cannot make money, online or offline, unless you have something to sell, thus figuring out what that ‘thing’ shall be your first step. There are many things you can sell online, from digital products to physical items. Many people think about things that they enjoy or have a passion for when they are trying to start an online business.

For instance, if you are an avid collector of fridge magnet, why not get into the business of that? I have a friend who attended the same Internet Seminar with me a few years ago who are now successful in her online business, using fridge magnet as the base.

Another example, if you are a good proofreader or a certified translator, you could offer proofreading or translating services. The list of possible things that can be sold online is huge. Let us examine some of the different kinds of things one can sell online in order to build a successful online business.


When we say physical products, they are actually any tangible thing that a customer purchases from you. While the list of possible physical products could go on and on, a few examples of physical products for sale can include but not limited to thumb drives, stickers, books, t-shirts, shoes, cookware, electronic gadgets, dresses and others.

There are many different companies selling physical products that are highly successful. People enjoy being able to click a button and purchase things that they want without having to leave their homes. This is one reason sites like eBay are so popular; individuals are able to find the things they want at cheaper prices.


In this category, there is a huge industry of non-physical products when it comes to online businesses. People are able to sell things without having to stock items, or ship anything to the customer. This is because the customer receives it immediately. Informational products are one massive part of this industry, and can mean anything from self-help e-Books to audio books, to guide on how to build things and much more.

Just a few examples of non-physical products include but limited to PIN numbers for refillable mobile phones, software, and pre-made website banners or logos. Non-physical products definitely have an advantage over physical products when it comes to delivering the product to the customer.


Another thing one can sell online is a service of some sort. There are hordes of freelancers who do this online every single day. For example, freelance writers, website builders and even flash programmers are working online providing a service and getting paid for their work.

There are other kinds of services one can sell online and it could be anything from proofreading manuscripts to selling insurance, will writing, vacation spots, and much more.

Selling a service online can be beneficial because many times there is an existing company that you can work for in order to sell those things. This means that you won’t have to start your business from scratch and do not have to come up with the money up front that most people need to start a business.


Before you can build an online business, you will need to determine exactly what do you want to sell. Use your interests, passions, or hobbies to guide you as you choose from physical products, non-physical products, or services.

There are unique advantages and disadvantages of each type of product you can sell online, thus you will want to take these into account as well. Once you have determined what you want to sell, you can move on to setting up your own online business. As for me, I choose to run my Internet business by writing and selling e-Book.